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On the Highway of Irreverent Rumination & Delusion

Now for something completely different.


‘On the Highway of Irreverent Rumination & Delusion’ is Paul White’s musings on life and living, during which he will try, in his usual superfluous and disconnected manner, to explain all the fleeting, transitory and ephemeral thoughts which have scuttled and rattled through his mind during this journey.


‘The journey’ to which these musings allude is, however, a fictitious road trip, fabricated from many various excursions; thus allowing Paul the poetic literary licence to blend reality and invention into a captivating yet informative and thought-provoking serial monologue.


So come on, jump in and join Paul as he takes you on a voyage along the twisted neural carriageways of his psyche. Together you can rattle down the highway of irreverent rumination and delusion.


You never know where you might end up?

This book is way behind my original plan for its release.

It seems life and events have their own schedule for me.

I am, however, aiming to have this published by the end of 2021.




Floyd snaps when he discovers his wife Molly is having an affair, releasing his latent psychopathic tendencies.


Convicted of Molly's murder Floyd is committed to an institution.


Floyd escapes and heads out on a blood-soaked rampage of rape and murderous revenge.


Floyd's has an accomplice, the new Molly. But who is she and does she really exist?



FLOYD is undergoing its final re-write before another edit.

With fair winds and calm seas, I may have this book in the hands of my agents by the the end of 2021


I am currently researching the details and information regarding this book.


I fell in love with Scotland some years ago and have heard many tales told both as fact and fiction on my trips to and journeys through the country.


I soon discovered the myth and folk law is fading into the Scotch mists of passing time.


Much is because these ancient tales are becoming so old they have now a disconnect with the current and new generations.


By retelling the ancient stories, by setting them in today's modern world, I hope to engage with the younger generations and reignite a love for the folk-laws and legends of Scottish traditions.


I do not think Scottish Legends will be ready any time soon. It is a complicated book to work on, so it may not see the light of day until late 2022.

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