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Shadows of Emotion

SHADOWS of EMOTION is an eclectic collection of poignant and emotive poems formed from the pen of the author, Paul White.


Paul White is known for his distinctive storytelling. In Shadows of Emotion, he brings his exceptional and diverse talents as a wordsmith to the genre of expressive and touching poetry.


Shadows of Emotion takes you on a journey that is sometimes as disquieting in its proportions as it is expressively heartrending.

Teardrops & White Doves

Teardrops & White Doves contains poems of life’s traumas, trials, tribulations, joy’s, happiness and questions. All matters which touch each and every one of our lives at some point in time.

The Teardrops represent the pain, the fear, the sadness and the uncertainties we all hold within our souls.

The White Doves are the romances, the passions, the love, and the sensual moments we share.

The Face on the cover symbolises our eternal search for understanding through wisdom. Eyes searching for answers, innocence challenged. Introspection. Tears of both unhappiness and joy.

The majority of these poems have been written in sleep-deprived solitude during the small dark hours, fuelled by thick black coffee and the peaty smoke rich flavours of single malt whisky.

    Now it is your opportunity to feel my words.



This privately commissioned, large hardback, edition of Teardrops & White Doves is far more than just a collection of poetry.


It is an Objet D'art, a conversation piece, a 'coffee table book'.

It is a collector’s edition of outstanding quality.


Containing some of Paul White's definitive works, this book is illustrated with wonderful photography, illustrations and images throughout.


Teardrops & White Doves is a modern classic of both literature & design.


This exclusive edition makes a wonderful gift for a friend, family, or a lover.

Think Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas.


Order you copy today. Simply click on the order button below.


Shipped worldwide, delivered directly to your door.

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