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Within the invisible pentacle

The stories Within the Invisible Pentacle may, at first glance, seem a rather eclectic collection, but there are several underlying unifying principles employed in their careful selection.


The titles all have a feminine association as does each story's individual focus, whether direct or implicit.


These stories explore the depths of human character, the quintessence disposition of living and of life itself. Questions we shy from, the ones we are afraid to ask ourselves are unearthed, revealed and brought screaming into the daylight of recognition.


The prevailing factor is, they are written with consideration for our fragile human self, the fears, the dreams and wishes, the uncertainties and self-doubts we all carry inside ourselves, the human element of love, of life and of survival.


This is a collection of poignant, emotive, yet entertaining stories everyone should read, at least once.


A collection of Dark short stories and Darker poetry

CQ Magazine said, "Dark Words is the literary equivalent of listening to Leonard Cohen; wonderfully soothing for the soul."

“Dark days come to us all at some time in our lives.

Heartbreak, grief, fear, loss, pain and anxiety collide and conspire, individually and collectively to bring us down.

We feel the battles rage within ourselves; they fight and scream in a tortured anguish of emotional turmoil.

Solace is often found alone, in dimly lit rooms, with mellow songs playing over and again.

Reading DARK WORDS, sharing the pain within these tales help us dry our own tears, to drive away the clouds of uncertainty and crush the demons which haunt our souls.


To accept and acknowledge the blackest days of our lives often reveals the pathway from the shadow maze of obscure reflection, into the sunlight of possible future.

Dark days come to us all, at some time in our lives. They are not the place for us to dwell for too long.

They are not our home.”


Tales of Crime & Violence


This remarkable three-volume collection encompasses numerous and varied stories of acts and deeds of crime and violence. Paul White has once again woven his masterly spell of intrigue into each stories plot; secrecy, scheming, plotting and conspiracy, while a foreboding and ominous sense of sinister physiological apprehension lingers in the dark shadows.


Why are these people where they are? Are they the perpetrators? have they been coerced, forced, blackmailed, or are they simply the victims? Read this intriguing trilogy to discover hidden the depths, the humanity, within each story.

Tales of Crime & Violence, a collection of three volumes which go to make up the full collection.


These books are available as paperback editions or in Electric Eclectic branded eBook/Kindle format.


In Volume 1 you travel to a desolate motel where strange happenings occur before a grisly murder takes place at a filling station and you witness a bank robbery; as one of the hostages...will you make it out alive?


Things don’t slow down in Volume 2, a simple job turns out to be more rewarding than ever expected. Kirsty sashay’s into your life while planning to murder her husband and you find out why holding a barbecue is the best way to celebrate your divorce.


There is still no time to rest as you delve into Volume 3 where ‘hunting’ has a whole new meaning, a condemned man’s last meal is…well, his last meal and down there, under the bridge, is where I shall meet Annabelle once again.

The Abduction of Rupert DeVille

Ruoert newcov2.jpg
The Abduction of Rupert DeVille is a thrilling 'very British' dark comedy, it is a suspense story, 'finding oneself story, a tale of realisation and love, all in one. Written with a touch of wit and humour which will keep you turning page after page.

Paul White has the rare ability to bring characters to life, to make them real people, with feelings, worries, inner doubts & fears; just like you and I.

Paul has masterly crafted The Abduction of Rupert DeVille into a work that leads the reader astray, down the dark alleyways of the past, before bringing them back into the glaring light of the present.

Paul manages to do all this while weaving a mixture of laugh-out-loud humour and offbeat craziness into the story.

Electric Press Magazine says...

"This book is so engaging, finishing it is like losing an old friend"

Life in the War Zone

 A Semi-Fictional book.

Stories told by those who were there, re-told as fictional accounts to protect the innocent

The modern-day civilised world we know is little more than a fragile moment balancing on a knife-edge between the evils of avarice and the struggle for dominant authoritarian supremacy.


Caught in the maelstrom between the warring factions are the innocent lives of civilians and children, the unsuspecting conscripts and misguided volunteers on all sides.


Conditioned, indoctrinated and convinced by those who have only power and ultimate wealth to gain, are those whose personal stories are revealed within the pages of this book.


Life in the War Zone takes a serious, no holds barred look at the devastation and trauma of life in the battlefields of the Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Israel, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon and El Salvador.


This may well be the book they would rather you did not read.

Looking Into The Abyss

LOOKING into the ABYSS is an eclectic collection of short stories, brought to you by eleven authors from different areas of the world.

These authors have banded together in support of the rhinoceros and its fight for survival against the illegal horn poachers.

By purchasing a copy of Looking into the Abyss, YOU will also be spreading the word and helping these magnificent creatures to continue to walk this earth for our future generations.


Victory, Anniversary, WW2, War, Remembrance

This is Electric Eclectic’s Storybook celebrating the 75th VE-Day anniversary, 8th May 2020.

These tales are dedicated to all the brave and the unsung heroes who made victory possible by their sacrifice.

While each story carries a personal dedication, each is written with respect and gratitude to all those who gave their lives for our liberty and freedoms.

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