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Browse the artwork collections in my online gallery.


Do you fancy owning a piece of my artwork?

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A collection of digital portraits of iconic music legends

prestented with abridged biographies.

 ICONIC is a square, perfect bound hardback, full colour, fully illustrated, glossy paged, 21cm 8" high-quality coffee table book


Iconic will be delivered directly from the printers.

978-1-325-58123-8.COV (1).jpg



Exciting, bright, colourful and humorous, these boggle eyes will add enjoyment throughout the year. A series of fun portraits, created using "Digital Mash", a technique designed by the art ist himself. Many of the people who have been 'Boggle Eyed' are artists and author friends of Paul White.


ROMANCE around the WORLD

A wonderful collection of digital collages depicting romance in twelve cities around the world. Created by Paul White, using a mix of sketches, photographs and paintings to give a light-hearted look at love from Paris and London, to New York and Quebec before crossing the oceans to Sydney and beyond. Colourful, bright and amusing this calendar will bring joy throughout the year .

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