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About me 

Paul White is a multi-genre author of fiction, semi-fiction and non-fictional works.

His books range from Children's stories to tales of Crime and Violence, from true accounts of those who live in the worlds War Zones to recording the humorous and social history of Royal Naval Life.

Fictional stories of Heartache and Lost Love stand alongside episodes of Psychological Terror, Magic, Gremlins and the plain absurd.

The common denominator which runs through many Paul's fictional stories is the most important matter of all, the human condition; that of life, of love, happiness, laughter, anger, anguish, fear, hope, uncertainty, pain and loss.




Paul is the founder of Electric Eclectic book branding, a marketing initiative of an international alliance of independent authors, and he is a founding member of APC, 'Authors Professional Cooperative'.


Besides his books, Paul is editor of 'Electric Press-Literary Insights magazine', writer of the blogs, 'Ramblings from a Writers Mind' (Writing about Writing for Writers), and Wild Geese, the independent traveller's blog.

Paul is also a digital artist, book cover designer, and a photographer.

He is an ardent independent traveller and globetrotter, a nature lover and supporter of ecological and wildlife preservation.


He says he has a "warped sense of humour, is a lover good food, good wine and great company."

He is open to suggestions regarding collaboration, sponsorship, commissions, interesting and challenging projects.

IMG_1942 (3).JPG

Paul White at the Mull of Galloway

The southernmost point of the Scottish mainland.

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