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SLOPS - THE PUSSERS STORE is a curation website dedicated to bringing to your attention a wide range of quality items related to the Royal Navy, Associated Military, Seafaring, Sailing, Nautical and Maritime interests.

We endeavour to show products created, crafted, produced or supplied by ex RN personal, including Booties, Wafu's, SBS, RFA, WRNS, Sun Dodgers, and from MoD licenced sources.

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SLOPS - PUSSERS STORE is delighted to work closely with some outstanding people and organisations who provide unique products, historic preservation, and access to research information.


Our aim is to commemorate the history, achievement and sacrifice of the Fleet Air Arm over more than a century and use it to inspire future generations. This is primarily through the medium of flying heritage aircraft at air shows and other events.

The ultimate intention is to build a complete collection representing British naval aviation from its inception in 1909 to the present day.

The aircraft are split between the Core Collection (owned and operated by Fly Navy Heritage Trust) and the Associate Collection (Owned and Operated by like-minded private individuals). This exciting flight already includes iconic associate aircraft such as the Bristol Scout, AVRO 504 and Skyraider and the Wessex, Sea King and Wasp helicopters alongside our own Fairey Swordfish (the last two flying examples in the world), Sea Fury’s, Chipmunk, Sea Hawk and Sea Vixen.

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust is the charity behind Navy Wings, working to preserve Britain’s great naval aviation heritage. It relies on public donations to support its work in maintaining, presenting and flying an unrivalled collection of historic naval aircraft.

Visit Navy Wings HERE



The Royal Navy Research Archive is a virtual museum giving visitors access to a range of online materials related to the RN. Covering primarily the 20th Century, the Archive comprises of six web sites; five are dedicated sites covering a particular area of RN history while the main home page offers access to a large number of stand-alone articles, reminiscences, personal journals, potted biographies and individual unit histories.  The main site also contains a number of resources to enable visitors to undertake their own research and apply for service records.

Browse The Royal Navy Research Archive site,  HERE

Thank you for your interest in the HMS Tiger Association.

If you are a former Shipmate from any commission, see how we keep in touch and enjoy our comradeship formed during our service, and new friendships formed within the Association. If not already a member why not join us?

If you are visiting our Website, welcome. If you are looking for former Shipmates then visit our Members Page where a current list of Members is shown.

Feel free to visit our History page, see what our ship was part of during our commissions.

Visit the 'Tiger' website, HERE

 Jack's Taxi offers original Limited Edition Royal Navy Ship Artworks (& more). These wonderful artworks by Nick Barwis capture amazing visages of Royal Navy ships, foreign naval and civilian ships, ships crests, FAA Squadron Crests, RFA, Army Regimental and RAF Squadron crests.

 Browse the 'Jack's Taxi' website  HERE

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