ELECTRIC ECLECTIC is a decentralised international co-operative alliance, managed by members in various countries around the globe, hence the organisation's strong global presence on social media worldwide.  




Electric Eclectic has two main presences on Facebook.

The first, Electric Eclectic books - https://www.facebook.com/ElectricEclecticBooks/ is our public page where anyone can like, comment & follow us. Please do.

Our second page is Electric Eclectic 'Friends' group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/2268210063403750/ 

You can request to become a 'friend' or be invited by an EE author. Please read our 'Friends & Associates' page on this website,  before applying, thank you.



Electric Eclectic's YouTube channel, called 'ELECTRIC PRESS' is divided into several 'Playlists', each EE author has their own where they talk about their books, writing and life in general.

These playlists are called 'World of' so, for example, you have 'Audrina Lane's world of Lyrics & Love stories', Michael J Elliott's world of Horror' and 'Paul White's world of Words'.

There are also an 'informative' playlists for both Readers & for Authors explaining what Electric Eclectic is and does.

Along with the above, you can watch many entertaining book trailers, some of which are really like short movies.



https://www.instagram.com/electriceclecticbooks/ is the link you need to keep up with our Insta page.

Random and frequent posts are made to keep our fans and followers informed and entertained. Please join us today.



This website is powered by Wix who we, at Electric Eclectic are happy to be associated with.

Feel free to browse this site, ask questions, comment, and offer constructive suggestions by visiting the 'Contact us page'. Thank You.


Electric Eclectic can also be found on the following Social Media sites, and many not mentioned here, via our authors and friends' contributions. We thank them all for their ongoing support.

(In no particular order)













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