Please read carefully.

Submissions not following these requirements will not be considered for entry into the Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020.

No refund of the entry fee(s) will be given under any circumstance.

The first step is to email requesting an official entry form.

You will be sent your Unique Entry Identification Number (UEIN)

Use your UEIN as your entry fee payment reference (£10.00 GBP) payable via PayPal only.

Once your entrance fee is received, your official entry form will be sent to you.

NOTE: Not all word processing programs are equal, especially when it comes to what is needed for electronic editing and electronic typesetting. Some programs simply have too many complications, like hidden codes built into them, which is why we accept submissions ONLY on Microsoft Word docs/dox, sent as attached documents and not in the body of an email or in pdf format.


Entries must be between 20,000 words minimum and 30,000 words maximum.

Submissions must be in Microsoft Word Doc/Docx format.

Submitted manuscripts must include the stories title, authors name, page number, total page count, and unique entry identification number at the top of all pages. These may be placed in the header.

Footers are NOT to be used

Times New Roman.


1.5-line space.

Aligned left.

NO indentations

Double spaced between paragraphs.

Chapter Headings: bold and centred, not in caps, with chapter numbers written out.


Chapter One


Do not underline anything.

Any desired sub-headings may be placed under the “Chapter” heading.

Each chapter must begin at the top of a new page, 1.5 spaces down.


Scene & Time (Transition) Breaks: Must be centred and look like this; three asterisks only:


All numbers below 100 to be written out; example: ninety-nine.

Age is written out as one-year-old if it is used as an adjective, i.e. Taylor is a one-year-old girl. Otherwise, no hyphens.

Italics: Please utilize italics when you want italics. Do not underline anything in your manuscript.

Completed entries must be forwarded to  NO other communications are to be sent to this address.

All other communications to   *including requests for entry forms*


ALL Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 entries MUST be on the official submissions form and clearly show each entries Unique Entry Identification Number (UEIN) on all pages.


Full terms and conditions below. Please read carefully



1. The competition is open to unpublished writers, self-published indie writers or those published through a small press publisher.

2. An entry fee of £10.00 must be paid to render the writer eligible to enter the competition. For ease of administration, this entry fee is collected as payment for the official submissions document.


3. Each official submissions document carries a unique entry identification number.


4. ONLY submissions received via the official submissions document and showing the unique entry identification number will be considered.


5. Only submissions received and paid by 23:59 (GMT) on the 10th of September 2020 will be considered.


6. Unpaid, incomplete, illegible, damaged, corrupted documentation, entries without a unique entry identification number, or submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


7. Submissions must be the entrant’s own original creation and must not infringe upon the rights or copyright of any person or entity.


8. Writers who hold/have held existing contracts with large/mainstream publishers or hold/have held contracts for works of fiction in mainstream magazines and/or newspapers are not eligible to enter.


9. Entries must be between 20,000 words minimum and 30,000 words maximum.


10. Writers may submit a maximum of three different manuscript/stories. Each entry must be submitted and will be treated as individual submissions. Each entry must be accompanied by its own official submissions document and its own unique entry identification number.


11. Multiple entries on one document will render all submissions on that document illegible.


12, NO refunds will be given for unwanted purchased entry forms or incomplete, illegible, damaged, corrupted, wrongly completed, late entry forms or for any other reason.


13. Any writer requiring replacement form(s) must purchase a new form(s) with new unique entry identification numbers.

14. All submissions must be written in English. (Translations will not be accepted).


15. Submissions from literary agents or small press publishers on behalf of their authors are permitted, providing ALL the criteria for eligibility are met.


16. This is an adult competition. Therefore, a minimum age restriction of 18 years applies.


17. All pages of all submissions must include the stories title, page number and total, authors name and unique entry identification number, on the top of all pages. (These may be placed in the header.) Page numbers shown as below.


18. All pages of the manuscript must include page numbers in the top right corner of each page.


19. All submissions must be in Microsoft doc or Docx format. Times Roman, 12pt, 1.5-line space, aligned left. NO indentations.


20. Entries must be submitted by email to, with 'EE Novella Prize' in the subject bar, by 23:59 (GMT) on the 20th of September 2020. NO other communications via this email address will be entertained.


21. Any other communication must be addressed to,


22. Submissions incorrectly formatted or submitted will not be accepted.


23. Longlisted and shortlisted entrants will be notified by email.


24. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted regarding these lists.


25. No editorial feedback will be provided to unsuccessful entrants.


26. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the judging process.


27. The winning authors agree to have their submissions branded under the Electric Eclectic book brand and will retain such licences for a minimum of five years. (eBooks & Paperbacks).


28. Authors agree to any winning submission published as an Electric Eclectic paperback Pocketbook, by Dragonfly books (Publishers), to abide by Dragonfly books standard agreements, notwithstanding these competition rules. (Or any other participating publisher nominated by Electric Eclectic book branding. See term no.33, below.)


29. Electric Eclectic will hold exclusive rights to the runners-up and shortlisted stories for six months from the date of public announcement of the winning titles and authors. After six months, the rights will revert to the authors, who may publish the stories elsewhere.


30. Submission to the short story prize is not a condition for publication or branding by Electric Eclectic books. Writers may still submit story manuscripts to Electric Eclectic via the standard route.


31. Only submissions which meet all the above Terms and Conditions will be considered as viable entries for this, The Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020/21.


32. By entering this competition, each entrant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


33. If any prize sponsor, for any reason is unable to honour their commitment, Electric Eclectic holds the right to engage another publisher and/or substitute the prize(s).


34. The following are not permitted to enter the Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize: Authors and members of Electric Eclectic book branding or their immediate family members. Officials, staff and family members of supporting businesses, sponsors and Judges of this competition.

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