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For a little over two years Electric Eclectic has brought you a whole range of exciting eBooks novelettes, from Soft Romance and Children's stories through to Crime Drama's and tales of Horror.

The good news is…

Electric Eclectic now have Paperback books to complement our eBooks, and there's more.

Electric Eclectic is launching 'Pocketbooks', the alternative to large paperbacks.

Pocketbooks are just like our full-length paperbacks but produced in a small 'pocketbook' size, making it easier to carry in a handbag or to slip into a pocket…hence the name.

Look out for the Electric Eclectic logo, the symbol of a great read.

Not only does the Electric Eclectic App do the stuff you might expect, such as give you direct accesses to their website, link you to the Electric Eclectic Amazon pages, both in the UK and the USA, forward you to Facebook and other social sites

BUT…  the Electric e-reader allows you to read, for FREE, some of their books and several short stories, all of which are changed frequently, so there are new tales to devour on future visits.



If you love reading and books and stories I suggest you do, its FREE, so you have nothing to lose and a shedload of amazing reading to gain!


Download and enjoy.


No android phone or tablet? No worries, bookmark the Electric Eclectic App's webpage HERE.


It works on Laptops and PC's too. Happy Days.

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During 2018 Electric Eclectic built the foundations and established a working formula for a long-term marketing strategy, much of it based on the industry pattern shifts detected through 2018 and the projections for 2019.


It was a year of planning and creation.


During 2018 our achievements included creating this website and a Facebook page for readers and authors to communicate with us.


We designed and launched the Electric Eclectic app,(now in Beta) allowing easy access to Amazon, Facebook, this Website, the Electric Eclectic library and the e-reader whare frequently changing stories and books can be read for free.


2019 has already seen Electric Eclectic's arrival on Instagram, one of the key promotional sites for 2109, and the launch of the 'Electric Press' YouTube Channel with insights, articles and will mingle with trailers and promotions, Electric Eclectic presence on social media will increase dramatically. 


The Electric Press banner will also be the title for Electric Eclectic's magazine, published by CQ International to an established audience.


Research, development, planning, strategy, relationships and recruitment will all form part of the Electric Eclectic mix for what will undoubtedly be an exciting and rewarding year. 

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