In a nutshell, Electric Eclectic Is a decentralised international co-operative alliance, managed by members in various countries around the globe, forming a strong branded synergy of collaborative association specialising in authorship, book branding, publishing, marketing and promotions.


Electric Eclectic has grown far beyond its original concept and is firmly focused on developing the emerging new independent authored publishing market, a ground shift environment for future generations of writers.


Electric Eclectic boasts a YouTube channel, an Instagram presence, online magazine and catalogues, author and book marketing services, blogging networks and an influential social media presence across and beyond the major platforms, using core and micro-social influencers to reach both broad and niche market demographic targets.


​Electric Eclectic is NOT a publisher.

Authors retain full copyright of their EE branded works.

Authors retain full royalties.


If you would like to become an Electric Eclectic author, write to us, using the contact page on this site and we shall forward to you all the must-know stuff.

 “The best marketing

doesn't feel like marketing.”

  Tom Fishburne

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