Electric Eclectic

how it works for authors.

In its most simple form, Electric Eclectic is a


authors can share by producing one or more of their stories as an Electric Eclectic Book,

either ebook, paperback or pocketbook,

under licence.

Read on to find out more...

 “The best marketing

doesn't feel like marketing.”


Tom Fishburne

This now includes larger/longer books such as Prequels, Backstories and Parallels, which are designed to promote authors collections and series.

Electric Eclectic is, if you wish, a form of Franchise where the individual authors benefit from the group marketing and promotion of the other individual authors AND, of course, from the prime EE brand marketing initiatives themselves.

While EE books are excellent standalone books, their prime objective is it to encourage readers to your writings.

All Electric Eclectic books are unashamedly marketed as introductory and promotional works, allowing readers a 'taste' of previously unread authors writing styles and genres.

Each EE book is only accepted when it meets certain criteria, so readers are assured of a quality book for a minimal cost.


Authors retain full copyright of their EE branded works.

Electric Eclectic is NOT a publisher.

If you would like to join us as an Electric Eclectic author, please forward your proposed story(s) using the contact page on this site.

We shall forward you full details and all the 'nitty gritty' must know stuff.

This is excellent for readers, it allows them to get a 'feel' of an author's style before committing to buying, say a full paperback. This saves readers from disenchantment of buying a full-length novel only to find it is not to their taste... and, in turn, this reduces the chance of bad reviews posted through disappointment.

Once accepted as an EE author, one MUST publish their promotional books following strict EE guidelines and use Electric Eclectic Trade Marks and Branding.

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