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Electric Eclectic has its own AMAZON STORE called @open24 where you can find all our Electric Eclectic books, both ebooks and paperbacks, in one place.


@open24 also has a carefully selected range of gifts especially for the readers, writers and authors in your life, simply click  HERE and browse the @open24 store's departments at your leisure. 


Oh, and keep an eye out for Amazon and @open24 selected deals and offers, check out what's new today.


By following the links below, you will find original exclusive designs of Fashion, Accessories, Homeware, Tech gear and more, all designed by PeeJay Studios for Electric Eclectic, and made available from Redbubble just for you.

Visit our Amazon @OPEN 24 stores HERE


Find Electric Eclectic 'roundel' HERE 

See Electric Eclectic 'Wriggle' HERE

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