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What is the purpose of my blog?


1.  To introduce YOU to new (to me) authors I’ve come across in my wanderings through books and the cyberforest.


2.  To provide a platform (battered old homemade soapbox) for authors to introduce themselves to you.

3.  As an informal information service to authors, poets, or anyone else who is thinking of becoming a published person of that ilk.

4.  To promote FUN and an OASIS OF CALM and Font of useful Knowledge and Tips for Indies (please do NOT feed my naughty chimps or they may follow you home) from the woes and stresses of the real world.

I hope you enjoy my blog and join my Troop of Followers 🙂

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Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape

Notes on my book reviews


I am not a writer, nor am I a critic, I don’t do long winded reviews and you won’t find spoilers in my reviews. I believe the fun of reading a book is in discovering the story for yourself.


I read a lot and know what I like, what keeps me interested and what keeps me coming back for more.


All my views about books are entirely my own and are not influenced by anyone.


Critic: a person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works, especially one who does so professionally.


My name is Rainne. I am a 51-year-old, Mum and Grandma.


I get a lot of pleasure from being creative, whether I’m drawing, painting, card making, knitting, sewing, or doing any other ‘artistic’ activity. I like trying new crafts, although not always successfully.


I like baking, but I do have disasters and most of my decorated cakes should probably be on Cake Wrecks.


I’m an avid reader of supernatural, paranormal, mystery/thriller and horror books, and enjoy watching a good film or series of the same genres.


I also enjoy listening to a variety of music from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.


And I adore David Bowie.

I am a fine art photographer and visual storyteller. I create art that you will enjoy having in your home as fine art prints or interior decor products.

I specialise in photo art.


I use my own photographs and then work on them to develop the story that lies beneath them.


Pink and Blue Fusion

My art covers a range of subjects, reflecting my Brighton background, my life in Italy, the countryside and my love for animals.


But I work from the heart so all pieces are developed with a little piece of me and contribute to the mood of the room in which they sit.

I have won several awards including Best Photopainter 2015 by CQ Magazine and Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards from the Light Space & Time Online Gallery in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

I was an Artsy Shark featured artist in August 2016.

Here at the Magic of Stories, we love tales of all kinds. Be it the true ones that can be just as fascinating, or historical, and the ones we all love, fictional stories that capture our hearts.


There are stories by the site owner Karen J Mossman and if you follow the link for Karen J Mossman books, you will find information, teasers, and anything related to the writing of them.


So, where do you go from here?

Try the Blog page, all articles and posts are indexed there. Then just choose from the menu – there is plenty to see.


Finally, you are encouraged to comment on everything you read here and we’ll reply.

Elizabeth Horton-Newton published her first book, View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale in October 2013.


Her second book, Riddle, was released in June 2015. She recently completed work on "Carved Wooden Heart" with co-author Starla Hartless.


Along with these full-length books, she has short stories in assorted anthologies.


Elizabeth is currently at work on two more novels, "Stolen" and "Blood and Tears on Murder Highway".

Neil Douglas Newton Published his first book, The Railroad, in May 2015. 


He also has short stories in several anthologies.


Neil is currently at work on his second novel, a fictional tale with references to the science of Nikola Tesla.

Fantasy Fun Reads

My Goal:

To have fun writing fun books to read.


Reading Order:

The chronological order is Jade, Jane, & Jill followed by the Norma Jean’s School of Witchery series, Jewel and Ghost School. Jill bridges the gap between the Three J’Amigos and Norma Jean’s School of Witchery. The way I have written these books

My Dream:

To be able to write full time.

My Writing Style:

Not much pretty prose or flowery fluffiness, pretty much non-stop action and fun.
The way I have written these books you 
however, start with Jewel & Ghost School and then read the Three J’amigos series to get the back story on Jewel’s adoptive parents, Jade & Jane as well as her Godmother, Jill.



promotes independently and small press published books.



Editing and promotion services are also available from Michelle Dunbar.


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