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An uncertain 22-year-old stepping out of his comfort zone. 
An elderly woman with a vibrant past on a long ride home. 
They cross paths on a bus trip along the U.S. Southeastern coastline, a journey that takes both of them on a shocking and unexpected ride.



Morris Morris is a man who believed the exciting life he had once had enjoyed, was ending. A chance meeting with Sheila, an ensuing romance, a friend’s death, and an unusual business idea, transforms Morris Morris.
Getting to know Morris Morris may save you a bundle of money!



Neville Jones wanted to build a pipe organ in his garage, but there was a problem.


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"My name is Tina and I want to tell you about what happened to us one Christmas. My story is sad and funny and ultimately the happy ending we all love."
Life is full of ups and downs and even when things are bad, there is always humour, because life is like that.



Loysa was a young girl growing up in a poor family who survived by rice farming. On the day a new water buffalo was born, her life changed. The young calf was gangly, legs much too long and a body much to thin. He was called Payat. Loysa had plans for this new member of the family. In her mind, he was not meant for working in the fields. This is Loysa'a story.



Be careful of what you wish for and be careful what you wish for your husband, it may just come true.

A dark comedy of greed, selfishness and latent curses.....


chantillylace EE.jpg

A group of friends from my teenage years asked. “when are you writing A Fifty Shades of Grey?”
I replied, “I’m starting tomorrow, and you guys have starring roles.
'Chantilly Lace' is the result. Not as seductive, more a snapshot of a besotted guy, an enraged husband and a manipulating attractive girl. 
Designed to entertain, but still with a twist in the tail.



Mechanical Mike is a fun story, a modern pulp fictional tale of a gum-shoe private eye, a beautiful blond girl, a mad scientist, robots and Hitler's Nazi's in occupied France during WW2.

What more could you possibly want?



Brandon is meandering through life. His dreams of a big house, a modern car, and a lovely girl to share it with, is a fantasy. It's not happening, his job is boring, and his bank account is dismal. Something has to change. Perhaps a holiday in Las Vegas might provide some inspiration, a kick start to a new future.
Or maybe it's the start of a trip to Hell. Brandon never foresaw the can of worms an exciting week in vibrant Vegas would unlock.



Even the most intelligent man can be fooled by a beautiful woman.

Beneath the mask of loveliness, something dark may hide. Sooner or later the monster is exposed. Will the revelation come too late?



Sebastian Winter is a loner with a lot on his mind. His only escape is his photography and enjoying the peace and solitude that sailing off the coast of New Zealand brings.
Lena Cavendish is the town's rich girl who wants to break free and follow her heart. Her father wants University and a career for his daughter, she wants to write romances. She is looking for her 'Happily Ever After'.
Falling in love can be simple but will Sebastian's anxiety and depression push her away, just when he needs her the most?
Find out in this coming of age story set on the North Island of New Zealand.


After escaping an abusive relationship, Melly builds a new life, far from her abuser. But, some men just won't take no for an answer. What happens when Melly awakens in a strange place and comes face to face with the monster from her past? Is she strong enough to survive? Or is Jim angry enough to put an end to her running? "A gut-wrenchingly harsh emotional roller-coaster..."


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